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Niobium Colors




Here is the "Official" Color chart:

Usually the colors from Taterskin through Faded Jeans will anodize true in all gauges and most ring sizes, but in 18 and 20 gauge rings with small IDs, you will get a blend of 2 and even 3 colors, Beautiful?  Absolutely, but maybe not what you are looking for.  Our rings are so shiny that the light bounces around inside the oxide layer (that forms the colors) and on the smaller sized rings, a variety of colors can be seen, depending on the angle of the light on them.  Ask us about your choice and we'll tell you what can and can't be done...


  Un-anodized light to medium 'gun-metal' color
Niobium TaterSkin Color Sample Taterskin light to medium beige/brown like, uh... a potato!
Niobium Cocoa Bean Color Sample Coffee Bean rich, toasty brown - sometimes with a touch of purple
Niobium Eggplant Color Sample Eggplant deep, dark  rich purple shading to brown
Niobium Jeans Color Sample Jeans dark cobalt blue, like new denim
Niobium Old Jeans Color Sample Faded Jeans like your favorite faded, worn-out jeans
Niobium Light Olive Color Sample Pale Olive yep - like an olive, but without the pimento - with several shades from palest olive to slightly deeper with a touch of gold
Niobium Squash Color Sample Squash rich, golden yellow with slight green cast - can look very 'bronze-y' at times
Niobium Cantelope Color Sample Peach dark coppery-gold with touches of 'salmon-y' pink
Niobium Rhubarb Color Sample Rhubarb pale pink-ish with a glimmer of pale green
Niobium Raspberry Color Sample Raspberry one of the most 'changeable' colors, with shades ranging from peach, pale magenta and a touch of violet
Niobium Plum Violet Color Sample Plum Violet rich plummy-purples with a glimmer of blueberry
Niobium Blueberry Color Sample Blueberry depending on light, can range from deep blue-purple to almost violet shades
Niobium Peacock Color Sample Peacock blueberry/teal shimmer - don't you have a peacock in your garden?
Niobium Brocolli Color Sample Broccoli yes, it's teal, but we're sticking to the garden theme here - can occasionally have touches of peacock or even a little lettuce
Niobium Lettuce Color Sample Lettuce think romaine!  medium shades with sometimes a few lighter tones of broccoli and/or olive
Niobium Berry Basket Mix color example Berry Basket All your favorite shades – raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, peach and others, with glimmers of sunshine. This mix looks marvelous when combined with bronze or copper.
Niobium Camo Mix color example Camo Go all 'GI Joe' with your chainmaille! Shades of brown and green and in between give your jewelry that 'natural' look... tree bark, leaves and glints of sunlight – they're all there! 
Niobium Deep Ocean color example Deep Ocean Rich, dark and mysterious... deepest blues, velvety purples and just a touch of peacock green.  Shades of  'dangerous and seductive'...  
Niobium Overalls mix color example Overalls From darkest 'new denim' to 'faded out', this mix has every shade of blue that you'll find in your favorite denim jeans – dress it up with sterling or combine it with bronze – both are stunning!  
Niobium Salad Greens color example Salad Greens Every green shade that niobium comes in – from lettuce and pale olive to broccoli, which has a blue tint. Mix up a cool bracelet with sterling silver! 
Summer Bouquet All the 'hot' colors of summer blooms – yellow, peach, plum-violet, raspberry – and leafy cool greens in this mix.     

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